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Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - There is nothing magical about search engine optimization. What it takes is hard work, determination and know how. If somebody guarantees you a #1 ranking in the major search engines they are straight out lying. SEO is not a science, but an art form. Your site must continously be tweeked and updated to keep up with changes the search engines make on a monthly basis. You may be ranked near the top one month, and before you know it you can no longer find your site in the first 5 pages of results. That is because the search engines can tweak their formula at anytime causing a shock wave through the search world. This is why there is no guarantees with SEO only a lot of hard work.

Pay Per Click (PPC) - If you want to guarantee top results you can start a Pay Per Click campaign with the major search engines. This will bring you to the top of the results, but you must pay each time a visitor clicks your ad to visit your site. Your campaign must be continously monitored to ensure the efficiency and quality of your media spend.

Email Marketing - is quickly becoming the most cost effective form of direct marketing a company can institute. When running an email marketing campaign one must be sure to build their own list of qualified recipients over time, and not purchase lists from a list brokerage or rental company. Your campaigns must be tracked to determine the deliverability and effectiveness of each email blast.

Affiliate Marketing - is a form of Cost per Acquisition (CPA) marketing. This means that you are only paying when a sale is made or a lead is acquired. Your affiliates direct traffic to your site in hopes of converting a sale or lead so that they will get paid. A properly managed affiliate program can drastically increase your company's revenues.

Online Media Buying - is used to place your ads in prominent locations on publisher websites. Proper research must be completed before an educated decision can be made on where to place your banner advertisements. Media buying also includes ad space on newsletter campaigns. This type of advertising is also know as banner ads. You can either be charged per click or by impression (number of times displayed).

Design & Development

Corporate Identities - your logo is your company's identity, which will differentiate you from your competition. The Corporat Identity Package includes a professionally designed logo, business cards, and letter head.

Web Design - your company website often makes your company's first impression to prospective customers. A website must not only be clean and appealing, but must also be user friendly.

Email Creatives - are similar to magazine ads. They must stand out and get the idea across for them to be successful. A properly designed email creative can result in a very high conversion rate.

Banner Ads - just like billboards must stand out if you are going to attract visitors to your website. With the integration of flash, banners have now become more interactive, but can sometimes be a distraction as well.

Landing Pages - must directly represent the idea that you were advertising to get the consumer to visit your website. A differentiation between your advertisement and landing page will cause doom for your internet marketing campaigns.

Print - Brochures, flyers, packaging, postcards, banners, signs, etc.

e-Commerce - an online store is a great way for a retailer to reach its clientel.

Internet Applications - custom internet applications can be developed to improve a companies efficiency by supporting different functions of the business from sales, to customer service.

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